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Samuel’s First Skiing Trip

So far this year, I’ve been able to ski at Copper Mountain, Monika has been able to snowboard at Winter Park, and today I took Samuel up to Eldora for his first time skiing. He did far better than I expected, I thought that we would only be there for a few hours and we ended up skiing for four. I tried to just make it fun for him and not expect him to learn anything, but he was able to move around on his skis pretty well by the end of the day. He even wanted to use the pony lift by himself! I let him decide when we were going to leave, and he kept wanting to do “one more time”. I would take him up the lift, then ski backwards in front of him and catch him when he was going too fast. He loved it. Here are some pictures from the day.

Having a Snack Tasting the Snow Samuel at Eldora Samuel at Eldora

RSS Feeds

Something I’ve been using regularly for the past few years with good results is an RSS newsreader. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a way for websites you like to visit to summarize changes in a way that a news reader can understand. What this means for me is instead of visiting Wired News, Engadget, and about 20 other websites I like to read, I can view all new changes on their site in my RSS newsreader. Each feed can be updated every hour so I can stay up to date on my news sources.

My site now has an RSS feed, you can subscribe by clicking on the RSS Feed link on the lower right hand corner of this page. You can find other RSS feeds by looking for the RSS feed symbol on many websites. I have feeds for quite a few things, including the ski report for Colorado, the latest Dilbert comic, newly released movies on DVD, and recent pictures uploaded by my friends on Flickr. Whenever someone I know on Flickr uploads a new photo, it will show up in my RSS newsreader within the hour.

On Windows, a good RSS newsreader is SharpReader or GreatNews, I use Akregator on my Linux desktop at home. There are quite a few RSS newsreaders that are web-based also, and a few good RSS plugins for the Firefox web browser. I like newsreaders that will show you how many articles are unread, and allow you to organize your RSS feeds into folders so you can categorize them by topic. With Akregator, I can click on the Comics folder I’ve created to see all the latest comic strips I subscribe to.

Photo Storage

After storing my images on my own website for several years, I’ve now found a better way to store and share my digital images. Flickr is a website that focuses on storing and sharing digital photos, it’s the first kind of it’s type that I would advocate. What’s even better is the integration with my blogging software, Wordpress. I can insert images very easily into my posts with a click of a button, redirecting the viewer to my Flickr photo site. Flickr allows me to do some pretty cool things, you can:

If you have digital images to share or store (permanantly, too!), I’d encourage you to set up your own account on Flickr. If you do, you can add me as a contact, search for my name in the contact list and you’ll find me.

Mark and Monika’s Wedding

Monika and I were married on September 23rd, 2000. We had a traditional Cambodian wedding in the morning, then had the christian ceremony at the First Congregational Church on Broad Street in Columbus, Ohio.

The Cambodian wedding is usually held at the house of a relative, and in this case it was Monika’s sister Rany. We could not invite all the people we wanted to this wedding because they had all had to fit into two rooms in the house! This ceremony was done by Monika’s brother’s father-in-law Mr. Sip, an elder in the Cambodian community of Columbus.

Mark Waiting Mark and Monika Mark and Monika Mark and Monika

Mark and Monika Tying One On Monika and Leakhana Mark and Monika

The Christian wedding was held at one-thirty in the afternoon at the First Congregational Church. You can click on images to see pictures of the church and the ceremony. Ronald Botts, a pastor at the church performed the ceremony for us.

Mark and Luke Mark and the Guys Mom and Dad Monika and her Family Monika and the Ladies The Church

Mark and Monika Mark and Monika Mark and Monika Mark and Lee Monika and Mark Monika and Sokchea

Jason and Jessica Deugan’s Wedding

Jason and Jessica Deugan got married in 1999 in Traverse City, Michigan. Monika and I went up for the wedding to celebrate with our friends. After the wedding, Jason and Jess were presented with their wedding present from all of us: a completely restored VW Micro Bus. John and Phil spent a lot of time restoring the lean, green dream machine for our good buddy Jason.

Jason and Jessica Deugan Deugan's Wedding Deugan's Wedding Deugan's Wedding Deugan's Wedding

Deugan's Wedding The Dream Machine The Dream Machine The Dream Machine The Dream Machine

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