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The leaves are turning, cooler temperatures are here and the days are getting shorter.  It’s perfect weather for climbing and hiking, and we’ve been doing some of both in the past few weeks.  I have been trying to push myself leading trad, and last week led my first 5.8+ route – Huston Crack.  Boulder Canyon has many great granite cracks that I can’t wait to climb.  Monika, the boys and I have also been hiking around the area and trying to see different areas of CO that we haven’t before.  We always take our camera and seem to get some pretty good shots of the kids now and then.

Button Rock Preserve Benjamin Button Rock Preserve Samuel's Seat Samuel Samuel and Benjamin

Summer Update

Monika, the kids and I decided to drive through South Dakota on our way back from our visit with family in Ohio. We drove for three days, visited Wall Drug, the Badlands, Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse memorial all in one day. The southwest corner of South Dakota seems to be the happening place in that state, the rest of the drive was highlighted by billboard ads for Wall Drug and the Mystery Spot.

Mt. Rushmore Mt. Rushmore Mt. Rushmore

Monika and I climbed Torreys Peak (14,267ft) today, it was her first fourteener and she did great. We went up Kelso Ridge, this was my second time up the route and today we had great weather for it. The crux of the climb was a bit more exposed because all the snow in Dead Dog Couloir had melted earlier this summer. Five hours up, two and a half down with a total ascent of 2946ft at an average of 14ft per minute. Thank you, Mr. Altimeter Watch.

Heading Up Kelso Ridge Monika's First 14er Finishing Kelso Ridge Kelso Ridge Monika and Mark on Torreys Monika Descends Torreys

Mark and Monika’s Wedding

Monika and I were married on September 23rd, 2000. We had a traditional Cambodian wedding in the morning, then had the christian ceremony at the First Congregational Church on Broad Street in Columbus, Ohio.

The Cambodian wedding is usually held at the house of a relative, and in this case it was Monika’s sister Rany. We could not invite all the people we wanted to this wedding because they had all had to fit into two rooms in the house! This ceremony was done by Monika’s brother’s father-in-law Mr. Sip, an elder in the Cambodian community of Columbus.

Mark Waiting Mark and Monika Mark and Monika Mark and Monika

Mark and Monika Tying One On Monika and Leakhana Mark and Monika

The Christian wedding was held at one-thirty in the afternoon at the First Congregational Church. You can click on images to see pictures of the church and the ceremony. Ronald Botts, a pastor at the church performed the ceremony for us.

Mark and Luke Mark and the Guys Mom and Dad Monika and her Family Monika and the Ladies The Church

Mark and Monika Mark and Monika Mark and Monika Mark and Lee Monika and Mark Monika and Sokchea

Jason and Jessica Deugan’s Wedding

Jason and Jessica Deugan got married in 1999 in Traverse City, Michigan. Monika and I went up for the wedding to celebrate with our friends. After the wedding, Jason and Jess were presented with their wedding present from all of us: a completely restored VW Micro Bus. John and Phil spent a lot of time restoring the lean, green dream machine for our good buddy Jason.

Jason and Jessica Deugan Deugan's Wedding Deugan's Wedding Deugan's Wedding Deugan's Wedding

Deugan's Wedding The Dream Machine The Dream Machine The Dream Machine The Dream Machine

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