Finishing Up Winter

April and May saw the end of our winter here in Colorado, but before it left I had to get out and take advantage of the remaining ice and snow.  Monika and I had the opportunity to get out for a Saturday and head up to Lincoln Falls for her first time ice climbing.  We ended up climbing three pitches of ice and topped out on a mild spring day with a few flurries and nearby wet slide avalanches on steeper aspects!  It was a superb end of the ice season and I think Monika is hooked.

Belay Duty

Lincoln Falls Topping Out First Ice

The end of the ice season typically signifies the start of the couloir season.  The temperatures had been very mild while still freezing at night when Micah and I set out to climb Dragon’s Tail Couloir in Rocky Mountain National Park.  The climb was a nice and easy slog, punctuated by a few reminders to start out earlier next time.  Back at the car at 10am, we finished up the day by having breakfast in Estes Park and then doing some rock climbing at Lumpy Ridge.  You can’t beat climbing snow in the morning and finishing up the day in a t-shirt!

Dragon's Tail Couloir Western .45 Dragon's Tail Midway Dragon's Tail Exit Dragon's Tail Exit