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What I Did On My Summer Vacation

The summer is quickly passing by, time for me to give an update on our summer vacation.  We took some time this summer to visit family and friends back in Ohio, Maryland and Maine.  Monika and the boys left at the beginning of the summer to spend some time with her family in Ohio and Maryland, and I flew out to meet them and drive to see my family up north.

Strawberries Smile Les Paul Umbrella Look Out For Crocs! Hangin' iIn There!

On our way up to Maine we took a detour into New York City to spend a day seeing the sights.  We stayed at the Warwick hotel which was actually quite nice and just what you would expect if you were visiting the city back in the 40s or 50s.  We visited Rockefeller Center, Times Square, the Empire State Building and the Stature of Liberty.  We took both the subway and a cab to give the boys a little fun, then we were off to Maine.

Empire State Building Taxi! Lincoln Tunnel Liberty From The Ferry New York Portrait Liber-tay

We stayed with my brother in Old Town on Pushaw Lake for the first few days in Maine, and had a great time there.  The boys had a blast kayaking on the lake and jumping off the dock into the water.  We visited Acadia National Park and Luke and I went climbing while the rest of the family hung out at Sand Beach.  Luke and I got another day of climbing in the next day at Otter Cliffs before we had to leave and head north for The County.

Pushaw Lake Kayaking Tandem Cannonball! Playing In The Cove Too Cold!

The majority of our time we spent up in Caribou at my mom and dad’s farm.  It was great being able to hang out with family and old friends and catching up with my chores.  The boys loved being able to ride on the tractors and see all the farm equipment and we got to help mom and dad get some hay cut and baled while we were there.  After a great visit, we drove back home and finally are settled in!

Farm Truck Flowers Hiding Grampy And Grammie Good Cushman Family

Farmland Farm Girl Doing Hay Tractor Chicken! Tractor Ride