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I thought I’d take a moment and write about crutches.  Since I broke my ankle, I have had to use crutches to get around since I cannot put any weight on my right foot for two months.  Initially I just went to a local big-box store and bought a pair of underarm crutches.  I quickly found out how uncomfortable and awkward they were, and began looking for a better solution.  Forearm crutches are commonly used in Europe even for temporary use, and are much more comfortable and maneuverable than standard underarm crutches.   I bought a pair similar to these, and so far they have worked out great.  My armpits are saved from chafing and they are much smaller, making them easier to store in the car or by your chair.  I can get up and down the stairs two at a time instead of one due to the ability to bend at the elbows.  Even if you are injured for a short amount of time, look into getting a pair.  The comfort and convenience will make it worth it.