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Ouray Ice Park

Last week I went to Ouray in southwestern Colorado to climb at the Ouray Ice Park. The ice park is farmed by redirecting water to flow over the edge of the canyon, freezing and creating quite a few good ice climbs. There are convenient anchors to set up a toprope with, and the park itself is only a few minutes walk from town. Ice climbing is supposed to be a suffer-fest, Ouray changes that big time. Breakfast in town, climbing in the park in the morning, lunch in town, more climbing in the afternoon, soak in the hot springs at the hotel after climbing, dinner in town. You couldn’t ask for a better place to improve your climbing skills than Ouray.

Update: Andy Welter posted some more pictures of the trip on his website.

Ouray - Gazebo Wall Ouray Ice Park Ouray Ice Climbing