Empeg Web Lite

Empeg Web Lite is a small, clean web interface for the Empeg car MP3 player. It displays the currently playing track information, and allows the user to browse playlists and enqueue songs and playlists on the Empeg. You must have Mark Lord’s Hijack Empeg Kernel installed to use Empeg Web Lite. With only one file to install, it tastes great and is less filling!

To install Empeg Web Lite, first download the default.xsl file (version 0.10), and FTP it to the root directory of your Empeg. Instructions on using FTP with your Empeg can be found at the Empeg FAQ. The file can be renamed or put into another directory and referenced using the khttp_style Hijack config.ini option. You must have the following option in your config.ini file to enable the current track display:


After uploading the file, browse to http://your_empeg_ip/?FID=101&EXT=.xml

If you have any questions about installation or usage, please post them on the Empeg BBS. Problems with your player or software can be posted in the Troubleshooting forum, and questions about any software like this web interface can be asked in Programming.

Empeg Web Lite Screenshot Empeg Web Lite Screenshot