AeroMail is a web-based e-mail client written entirely in PHP using PHP’s built in IMAP functions. I wrote AeroMail because I didn’t like the way any other web-based e-mail packages looked or worked, and also because I wanted to get used to writing with PHP. AeroMail is not entirely complete or foolproof, but I think that I’ve got a good start on it.

AeroMail has not been updated for over two years. This was a small project that I wrote for myself in 2000 because the options for webmail at that time were small. I have abandoned future development on this project, but Dion Nicolaas has made many improvements and released new AeroMail versions on his website. I would suggest looking there for a good webmail package.

AeroMail must run on the Apache web server installed with the PHP module. The PHP module also has to have the IMAP functions compiled into it. AeroMail uses Basic HTTP authentication to pass the username and password to the IMAP server, and does not store a cookie or leave traces in your cache. Because of this, I would recommend running AeroMail with a SSL server if it is to be used on a high traffic site.

Download AeroMail v1.45


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